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Tips for pre-call networking

By Joint secretariat
group of people engaged in a discussion

Our online networking events are approaching  - and so is our second call for project proposals

More than 200 people have already registered for each of the upcoming networking events. Will you be there too?

We have some tips for you to make the most of the events and speed up your partnership building process.

Host or join a networking discussion

No need to wait until the online events to get started with networking. Follow these five steps to get going:

  1. Update your community profile and register for the networking event(s) matching your interest(s).
  2. Submit a topic for your own networking discussion. You can shape the session agenda and host your own discussion to pitch your idea and meet like-minded peers.
  3. Check out what ideas others propose and get ready to network.
  4. Participate in the online networking event. We'll start with a joint opening session and break out to smaller groups to discuss issues and project ideas proposed by the participants.
  5. Find new contacts via the networking table (discussion hosts as well as participants) and make use of our community to get in touch with others.

(note: you have to be a community member and a registered event participant to use the networking tool)

Go further and turn your idea into a project

Have you tested the other online tools we provide to help you prepare your project? 

If you are wondering whether your idea fits our programme, put it to a test with our self-assessment tool.

Do you need some inspiration or examples? Have a look at our approved projects and project ideas submitted by others. See how you could build on results of already implemented projects or check whether someone else is thinking about a project that matches your interests. You can also share your own project idea.

Are you looking for partners? Browse the people and organisations in our community and see if you find your match there.  

Later on, when we open the call, and once your idea is already quite advanced, you will also be able to ask for feedback and get tailored advice from our staff. 

Join us in Stockholm (Sweden) on 15 March 2023 for the launch of the call at 'Europe, let's cooperate! interregional cooperation forum'. You'll hear the latest information about the call, get practical tips to prepare your application, and you'll also have a possibility to discuss your project idea with our staff or find additional partners to complete your project partnership.