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Recording from the networking event on SMART

By Joint secretariat
Smarter Europe thematic icon on green background

On 15 November, we organised an online networking event focused on 'smarter Europe'. 


Follow-up and project ideas

Did you participate in the event? Please give us some feedback.

Have a look at the networking table for an overview of project ideas shared during the session. You can still make use of the table to share ideas, express interest in ideas shared by others, and connect with other participants. 


Session recording

If you missed the session, you can catch up and watch the recording below. You can also download the presentation slides from the event.

The video covers the first part of the event, including: 

  • Presentation on 'Improving the capacity for innovation in the Member States and regions - interregional cooperation and innovative and smart economic transformation' (Tomislav Pinter, DG Regio)
  • Presentation on 'Interreg Europe & smarter Europe' (Kristaps Rocans, Interreg Europe)
  • Information about assistance and tools for project preparation

Video shortcuts

  • 00:00:45 Welcome and introduction (Miia Itänen, Interreg Europe)
  • 00:08:03 Improving the capacity for innovation in the Member States and regoins - Interregional cooperation and innovative and smart economic transformation (Tomislav Pinter, DG Regio)
  • 00:24:01 Q&A (Tomislav Pinter, DG Regio)
  • 00:28:08 Interreg Europe & smarter Europe (Kristaps Rocans, Interreg Europe)
  • 00:42:23 Q&A (Kristaps Rocans, Interreg Europe)
  • 00:48:03 Assistance to applicants (Kristaps Rocans, Interreg Europe)
  • 00:53:03 Tips for networking (Kristaps Rocans, Interreg Europe)
  • 00:54:09 Closing remarks and networking opportunities (Miia Itänen, Interreg Europe)


Q&A overview

See an overview of questions asked and answered during the networking events below. 


More networking opportunities

The second round of networking events continues at the end of the month:

And there's more! We hope to see you also on: 

Smart specialisation