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Project results

We are proud to present an overview of what interregional cooperation can bring.

Get an insight into the policy changes and results achieved by our interregional cooperation projects all across Europe from 2014-2020.

Stories of policy change

Our 258 projects are working hard to bring policy changes to their regions. We've described a few so that you can go deeper into each story and find out what they achieved and how they achieved it.

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30 stories from 30 countries

Read about our latest achievements and discover 30 stories about policy changes from 30 projects in 30 countries.

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Working together for better solutions

Delve deeper into four projects' stories. What did they achieve? How did they do it? Where did their inspiration come from?

Regional policies improved

Our projects have been very active. By March 2023, they had:

  • Held close to 15,000 policy-learning events;
  • Identified almost 5,500 good practices - over 3,100 were validated for the good practice database by our experts;
  • Increased the professional capacity of over 21,600 people engaged with them thanks to their activities;
  • And had developed 1,626 action plans for their regions.

See more about our 2014-2020 programme

Policy learning activities bring results

So far, our projects have influenced over 1,016 policy instruments, including 525 Structural Funds operational programmes.

We estimate that the financial impact of this influence is 1,341 MEUR in total (1,104 MEUR from Structural Funds). That’s much more than our own budget (359 MEUR). This funding has been allocated in the regions to finance activities inspired by the projects' exchange of experience.

These results also show that Interreg Europe directly contributes to a more efficient implementation of the Cohesion Policy. Why? Because investment in solutions tried and tested in other corners of Europe saves the time of regional policymakers. It makes the use of the financial resources available in their regions more efficient.

Download a list of policy changes

All regions can benefit

Close to 90% of NUTS 2 regions from all eligible countries are involved in our cooperation projects. Download the following maps to see how many partners come from your region and our full list of projects.

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