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programme branding 3D diamond pattern

Branding guidelines

Get the logo and find out about the programme branding guidelines

This is the official and only version of our branding. It is a key component of our identity and it represents our core image values and mission.

Branding book

Download our official style guide. It includes further information on applying the programme's design rules.

Programme logo

The programme logo is made up of the following elements:

  1. The logotype with the coloured arch inside;
  2. The EU emblem and;
  3. The co-funding statement.

Interreg Europe logo

It is surrounded by an area of clear space that defines the minimum distance to other elements such as other logos, pictures, texts or any other design elements. The minimum logo width is 20 mm.


The proportion and relationship of size between the logo elements must not be changed.

Versions of the logo and their use

Our programme has different versions of the logo:

  • Full colour logo (in Pantone and CMYK)
  • Black and white monochrome
  • Negative or white version

Each logo has a specific use:

Interreg Europe standard logoWhenever possible, the logo should be used in its full colour version.

A white outline must be placed around the EU flag. The outline equals 1/25th of the EU flag's height.

Interreg Europe black and white logoA black version of the logo should be used for single colour reproductions or engravings. 

The width of the EU flag outline equals 1/25th of the EU flag height.

This version should only be used whenever a 4-colour process is not available.

Interreg Europe negative logoA white version of the logo should be used for single colour reproductions and engravings on a very dark background.

The width of the EU flag outline equals 1/25th of the EU flag height.

This version should only be used whenever a 4-colour process is not available.

Download the programme logos

Topics and colours

Programme topics

Interreg Europe supports cooperation in six topics, each having its own icon.

All graphics or main headline colours in the compound of each topic should be made in the colour of the relevant topic (see colour palette below).

Icons are available in positive and negative colour versions, with and without integrated topic titles. Please do not modify the icons provided by Interreg Europe or create other icons for the topics.

Six topics in a line according to the branding

Colour palette - topics

SMART topic colour

R:0 G:169 B:132  /  #00a984  /  C:80 M:0 Y:60 K:0  /  PMS: 3268C

GREEN topic colour

R:149 G:193 B:31  /  #95c11f  /  C:50 M:0 Y:100 K:0  /  PMS: 368C

CONNECTED topic colour

R:243 G:146 B:0  /  #f39200  /  C:0 M:50 Y:100 K:0  /  PMS: 151C

SOCIAL topic colour

R:229 G:0 B:70  /  #e50046  /  C:0 M:100 Y:60 K:0  /  PMS: 192C

CITIZENS topic colour

R:0 G:159 B:227  /  #009fe3  /  C:100 M:0 Y:0 K:0  /  PMS: 2995C

GOVERNANCE topic colour

R:0 G:51 B:153  /  #003399  /  C:100 M:80 Y:0 K:0  /  PMS: Reflex Blue

Colour palette - logo and neutrals

GOVERNANCE topic colour

R:0 G:51 B:153  /  #003399  /  C:100 M:80 Y:0 K:0  /  PMS: Reflex Blue

Logo light blue colour

R:159 G:174 B:229  /  #9FAEE5  /  C: 41 M: 30 Y: 0 K: 0  /  PMS: 2716C

Logo colour yellow

R:255 G:204 B:0  /  #FFCC00  /  C: 0 M: 0 Y: 100 K: 0  /  PMS: Yellow

Logo colour black

R:26 G:23 B:27  /  #1a171b  /  C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 100  /  PMS: Black

Neutral dark grey colour

R:150 G:148 B:140  /  #96948c  /  C: 5 M: 5 Y: 15 K: 50  /  PMS: 403C

Neutral light grey colour

R:216 G:214 B:204  /  #d8d6cc  /  C: 5 M: 5 Y: 10 K: 15  /  PMS: 400C

Colour palette - topic accents

SMART bright shade of topic colour

R:74 G:182 B:152  /  #4ab698  /  C: 68 M: 0 Y: 50 K: 0

GREEN bright shade of topic colour

R:173 G:205 B:101  /  #adcd65  /  C: 40 M: 0 Y: 73 K: 0

CONNECTED bright shade of topic colour

R:247 G:169 B:65  /  #f7a941  /  C: 0 M: 40 Y: 80 K: 0

SOCIAL bright shade of topic colour

R:235 G:92 B:98  /  #eb5c62  /  C: 0 M: 76 Y: 52 K: 0

CITIZENS bright shade of topic colour

R:50 G:190 B:240  /  #32bef0  /  C: 67 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 0

GOVERNANCE bright shade of topic colour

R:58 G:114 B:184  /  #3a72b8  /  C: 80 M: 51 Y: 0 K: 0


Find out which fonts are used by the programme brand and how you should use them.

Open Sans typeface


This font is suitable for all applications. Its broad variety of weights and styles makes it very versatile. It was optimised for print, web, and mobile interfaces, and has excellent legibility characteristics in its letterforms.

The original corporate Typeface, Open Sans, is embedded in the PowerPoint templates and should be used for presentations.

Available for free download at:



Arial typeface

Project branding

The programme will prepare a communication kit for each approved project. The kit will include:

  • a project branded logo set (see example below)
  • a project poster for A3 print
  • a project presentation template
  • project social media templates

The project branded logo set must not be altered. Only its size may be adjusted but a minimum width of 20mm must be kept.

Project partners and their communication managers have the project branding guidelines available below together with the templates.

Additional branding elements


Hexagon elementThe hexagon, with slightly rounded corners, is a repetitive element of the visual identity. You can use the hexagon shape in presentations, infographics and even for framing images.

The proportion and rotation of the hexagon must not be altered.




Topic colour line

Topic line


The coloured line, composed of the six topic colours in specific order, can be used to highlight and reinforce the visual identity on various supports. The order in which the colours appear must not be altered.


3D Star element

branding 3D StarThe usage of this dynamic element should be restricted to cover or back pages with a limited amount of text.

For individual topics, the respective colour element can be used to create a monochrome texture.

In case of borderless printing, please ensure careful trimming and prepare the bleed area correctly.