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This page contains information on the bodies responsible for Structural Funds programmes and on the first level control in Slovenia. You may also speak directly with the Interreg Europe representatives in Slovenia.



Republic of Slovenia

Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development
Interreg and Financial Mechanisms Office
Interreg Division
Kotnikova 5
1000 Ljubljana


This section provides information about the control system and national guidance set up in Slovenia for the 2021-2027 programming period. 

Bodies responsible for Structural Funds programmes

Download the latest list of managing authorities and intermediate bodies responsible for Structural Funds programmes in each country. Select the SI tab for information about Slovenia.

The control system

Slovenia uses a centralised control system.

The control body

Address Contact

Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development

Control and Evaluation Divisoin;  Interreg Programmes and Financial Mechanisms Control Section

Kotnikova 5,

1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia



Dušan Kotnik

[email protected]  

+ 386 (0)1 400 3424

The costs

Control costs will not be charged to project partners.

On-the-spot checks

On-the-spot checks will be carried out on a sample basis. However   for projects with expenditures for cost category investments and equipment an on-the-spot check will be carried out at least one in the project lifetime.


This section provides information on the system set up for first level control in Slovenia.

The costs associated with this control are indicated so that they can be planned for in project budgets.

The system

Slovenia uses a centralised first level control system.

Slovenian project partners' expenditures will therefore need to be checked and confirmed by the approbation body.

The project partners are requested to submit their progress report to the first level control body for verification and confirmation within 15 days after the end of each reporting period in line with the Guidelines for reporting eligible expenditures for SI beneficiaries.

The approbation body

Address Contact

Republic of Slovenia
Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy
European Territorial cooperation and Financial Mechanisms Office
Kotnikova 5,
1000 Ljubljana


Maja Martinsek
Head of the Control division – ETC, IPA and IFM programmes
Phone: +386 (0)1 400 3423

The costs

The above-mentioned body will perform the first level control free of charge to Slovenian project partners. 

On-the-spot checks

The first level control body will organise on-the-spot-checks on a sample basis using a risk-based approach.

COVID-19 measures

Reporting and Eligibility of Expenditure during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which leaves the whole world faced with unprecedented challenges, calls for a rapid and efficient response in all spheres of life. Thus, the National Control, which is responsible for carrying out first level control for the European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) Programmes, has adjusted its work process and procedures and put in place several measures to ensure successful reporting and ensure that spending of EU funding continues uninterrupted.

To this end, the National Control will take into due account the developments surrounding the COVID-19 crisis and its impact as well as the recommendations made by the government in relation to the crisis and will verify any expenditure incurred during this period in compliance with the rules of each individual ETC Programme.

Read Interreg Europe's temporary COVID measures 

In addition to the Interreg Europe 2014-2020 programme rules, we would like to bring the following to your attention:

  • should you, as a result of the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, fail to provide or supply the relevant required documentation or supply documentation that has not been appropriately signed (time-sheets, statements, periodic reports, work assignments, letters etc.), we ask you to send the documentation unsigned or enclose a letter explaining that all or part of the documentation could not be supplied due to the present circumstances;
  • any expenditure that the National Control fails to verify and validate due to the present circumstances, will not be included in the current report and will be subject to verification and validation, along with the supporting and missing documentation,  during the next review of the project progress report. The above-mentioned expenditure will have to be reported again, both in the system and in the paper form;
  • the expenditure for the public employees working on EU projects from home will be considered eligible in the same way as the expenditure for the work done on the official premises of an organisation when they are incurred in relation to the implementation of project activities and achievement of project results;
  • If you are unable to prepare the documents in the paper form, the documentation can be saved and submitted in an electronic format on a data carrier (USB stick, secondary storage device etc.). If you switch to submitting electronic versions of documents, we ask you to submit the documentation in the paper form including all the relevant signatures once the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

Because there are so many different scenarios and situations for all of you, there can be no one-size-fits-all solution. We invite you to contact us by sending an e-mail to the Slovenian control office should you have any further questions regarding the eligibility of expenditure and reporting.

Our website will be regularly updated with any further information and potential additional recommendations so stay tuned. 

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