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#europecooperates goes online – be part of it!


The online edition of ‘Europe, let’s cooperate!’ will go live on 13 April. Ahead of the event, we...

Type: Programme

Cantabria: new models of industrialisation 7/8


The Government of Cantabria in Spain shares expertise on the manufacturing sectors that are...

Type: Project

Institute of Technology, Sligo (IT Sligo)


IT Sligo delivers programmes up to PhD level and is a research provider with a proven track record...

Type: Project

RegionArts in the eyes of LABattoir


There can be very interesting and innovative outcomes when arts and ITC merge. From our...

Type: Project

Ensuring impact of interregional knowledge exchange


Collaboration, sharing the knowledge and good practices between regions have a big transformative...

Type: Project

Voices of stakeholders: Jacob Bruintjes, Drenthe


Voices of stakeholders: Jacob Bruintjes, Chairman of the Local Action Group of LEADER South-East...

Type: Project

The benefits of eating ‘cyber’ breakfast


Is there a better way to nurture and strengthen your local community of cybersecurity companies than...

Type: Project

University of Western Macedonia Action Plan


In Greece, the change of the governor of the regional authority and of the regional mayors, after...

Type: Project

Currency of the future: Webinar 1


Currency of the future: cryptocurrencies, blockchain and other technological applications ...

Type: Project

Currency of the future: Webinar 2


Complementary currencies, commercial credit circuits and the smart community approach

Type: Project