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EU Cities Mission 'Twinning Learning Programme': Call opens soon

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To fight against climate change, the EU Cities Mission will open their call on 8 April 2024 for the Twinning Learning Programme. This initiative aims to facilitate the sharing of climate solutions.

Who can apply?

Starting from April 8 until 31 May, the following can apply:

  • Cities not already part of the Twinning and Pilot Cities programme
  • Those from EU countries and Horizon Europe associated countries 
  • Those committed to climate neutrality before or after 2050

The Twinning Learning Programme serves as a platform for cities to share their expertise and learn from others. By connecting with others in the network, participants gain access to more knowledge and resources to fight against climate change.

This open call marks the beginning of the next phase of the programme. EU Cities Mission is eager to welcome new cities, and emphasises a commitment to achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

Join the effort by applying to the EU's Twinning Learning Programme.

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