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Research valorisation

Policy brief
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The European Commission actively promotes EU Valorisation Policy as a critical component to maximise the social and economic impact of research and innovation.

This involves leveraging research results to address societal challenges and drive green and digital transitions, particularly those funded publicly. 


Research valorisation is...

the process of creating social and economic value from knowledge by linking different sectors and transforming data, know-how, and research results into sustainable products, services, solutions, and knowledge-based policies that benefit society. It is also an essential aspect of technology transfer.

This policy brief categorises valorisation into two main components:

  1. Commercialisation of research results
  2. Entrepreneurship

Many Interreg Europe projects have developed policies to promote research valorisation, offering valuable insights for regional policy learning. This policy brief presents a range of policy recommendations derived from Interreg Europe projects’ experiences to inspire policymakers in designing and delivering effective policies for research valorisation.

Policy brief

Download the policy brief below.