Get ready for the first call

By Joint secretariat
Wooden hashtags of each topic stacked one on top of each other

A draft version of the new programme manual, terms of reference of the first call, and the application form template are published for your convenience below. The call will open on 5 April and close on 31 May 2022 at noon.

Keep an eye on our website to benefit from all the project assistance we will offer for this call.

Watch the recordings from the series of webinars on project development:

  1. Building a successful partnership on 25 April (10:00-11:30)
  2. Designing project methodology on 26 April (10:00-11:30)
  3. Management, budget and finances on 27 April (10:00-11:30)
  4. Project communication on 28 April (10:00-11:30)