In May 2021, our Policy Learning Platform team is launching a new initiative meant to bring interregional cooperation opportunities closer to local and regional policymakers. If you represent a managing authority of a Structural Funds programme, this initiative is meant for you.

We will start a virtual tour around Europe and bring the cooperation opportunities to national or regional events or small-scale meetings on demand.

What is this initiative about?

The Policy Learning Platform is a space for continuous learning where the European policymaking community can tap into the knowhow of regional development experts and peers.

Our services are available to all who seek solutions to their regional challenges. Helping you improve your regional policies is our mission and we believe that interregional learning is vital to for a more resilient, sustainable and stronger Europe.

With the Policy Learning Platform on the road, we want to ‘visit’ local and regional stakeholders all over Europe, especially those from managing authorities of Structural Funds programmes, and make them aware of all the policy learning and networking opportunities we can offer and help to improve your regional policies. 

If you want to read more about the platform and the proposed services check our new brochure

Who is this initiative aimed at ? 

The platform is open to all policymakers in Europe. Many have already benefited from the interregional policy learning opportunities, but some have not yet.

Our virtual tour will go mainly to those who have not been involved in Interreg Europe yet and have not benefited from our services. We will focus in particular on managing authorities of Structural Funds programmes and other organisations responsible for regional development policies.

Interreg Europe project partners and the platform services’ beneficiaries will support us in this initiative and share their experience for inspiration so that you can get a better idea on how the platform can help in your region.

How will the virtual tour look like? 

With the Policy Learning Platform on the road we want to meet you at relevant events and meetings. We would like to organise for you:

  • Small-scale events: concise informative events, where you will learn and experience our services and get ad-hoc advice on your challenges.
  • One-to-one meetings: based on your policy needs and regional context, we will present the most relevant tools and services for your organisation.    

We will also present our services at relevant national or regional events, or inform about the Interreg programmes, prepared in close collaboration with the event organisers.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all meetings have to be online for the time being. Later on, we hope to meet you in person.

Upcoming events 

Past events 

Check our event calendar for the latest updates. 

Why should it interest you?  

This initiative is meant to help you better grasp what the Policy Learning Platform has to offer. You will:

  • Receive information about the platform services;
  • Be able to request tailor-made policy support;
  • Discuss any policy challenge you might face;
  • Learn about our community and become part of it.

If you work for a managing authority in charge of the Structural Funds programmes and would be interested in learning more about the interregional cooperation opportunities we offer, contact us. We will then see together what is the best way to serve you.


Credit: Photo by Compare Fibre on Unsplash