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Rural innovation ecosystems

Research and innovation capacities
30 May 2024
Clock 10 : 00 - 11 : 30 CEST
Location Online
By Platform
Lightbuld in forest

This webinar has now ended. You can find the key learnings in the follow-up article

On 30 May 2024, the Policy Learning Platform is hosting a webinar on rural innovation ecosystems. Together, participants will explore place-based innovation policies in rural and remote areas, highlighting how they drive local development and industrial transition.

Industrial development: delving into the industrial aspect, we will discuss how technological innovations are not only enhancing traditional industries but also paving the way for new industrial opportunities in rural areas.

Research & Industry collaboration: participants will discuss how collaborative efforts between research institutions and industries can boost technological advancements.

Technology transfer: we will show how technology transfer from traditional technological centers to rural environments can be implemented effectively.

The objective of the session is to:

  • provide participants with an overview of the most relevant good practices from Interreg Europe projects dealing with innovation and industry policies in rural or remote areas;
  • foster an interactive discussion on the scope of the benefits of policies for innovation in rural settings.

This webinar capitalises on the story on Fostering rural innovation ecosystems: inspiring examples from Catalonia.

What you can expect

Keynote speech on fostering place-based innovations in rural areas by Simone Sasso, Joint Research Center 

Interreg Europe good practices by 

  • Marco Alves, Food Fab Lab - Tagus Valley, Portugal  - AgriRenaissance
  • Ingjerd Skogseid, Tech Hub Fosshaugane Campus - Region Vestland, Norway, P-IRIS