Access expert support

The platform is a space for continuous learning where you can tap into the know-how of experts and experience of peers in the four programme topics. You can access expert support in two ways:

1. Request ad-hoc expert advice by sending a query to our expert helpdesk (see form below). Our experts will get back to you via email or telephone. Requests are evaluated on a rolling basis.

2. Request to host an onsite peer review supported by thematic experts. This service is operated throughout calls. The first call was launched in summer 2018 and closed on 31 October. Check here the insights and stay tuned for future calls!

Regions all over Europe are tackling similar challenges. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for these issues, which is why we offer you a chance to benefit from a tailor-made peer review. Selected peers from all over Europe are invited to the host region to examine the specific territorial context, and make recommendations based on their experience and expertise. The great thing about peer reviews is that you can be a peer receiving advice one day and providing insight the next time around. This is a true win-win exchange!

Here is how it works (3-minutes video produced with the occasion of the first peer review organised in Lille, France in October2018):

Only public authorities may request a peer review for their region, but any registered member of the Interreg Europe website can participate as a peer. 

Are you looking for state of the art good practices in your policy field? Trying to figure out how to improve policies in your region? Want to know how others have tackled similar challenges?

This helpdesk provides policy advice on the four topics covered by the platform: research and innovation, SME competitiveness, low-carbon economy, and environment and resource efficiency. You can submit a request for guidance on how to improve the management and implementation of public policies in these topics. A platform thematic expert will reply and advise you on the best course of action to meet your needs.

Peer review requests may only be submitted by community members that work for a public authority or managing authority. Please login here or register to request a peer review (public authorities only) or use the expert helpdesk.