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Increase your chances of finding the right project partner

By Joint secretariat
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The second call for project proposals will open from 15 March to 9 June 2023, so now is the time to reach out and find partners.

When contacting potential partners, it’s important to make a good first impression and completing your profile will ensure that people take you seriously.

How can completing your profile help you find partners?

There are a number of reasons why filling in your profile will better help you find the right partner. 

By making you stand out of the crowd

Everyone knows that a good looking profile leads to more clicks.

The more information you give to people, the more likely they are to visit your profile and get in touch.

Think about adding a photo, your job title, and the topics and sub-topics that interest you.

Go to the top right of your screen, login and click 'Edit my profile'. 

By making you easier to find

Our advanced partner-search tool has new filters that help people narrow down the type of person or organisation they are looking for and make relevant connections faster and more easily.

People can now search for:

  • Specific types of organisations, like public authorities
  • People interested in leading a project or joining a project
  • Organisations with expertise in specific fields, like biodiversity or digitisation
  • People’s language skills

Think of updating your own expertise and language skills to help people find you.

By suggesting members and organisations that match your interests

Take advantage of the ‘For you’ section in the partner-search tool, which suggests members and organisations based on the information you have in your profile.

It’s a quick way to connect with people who share your interests.

Log into your profile to benefit from this feature.

Coming soon

Completing your profile now also means that you will benefit from new features coming out soon. In the next few months, we will expand the ‘For you’ section to the project ideas, good practices and thematic events.

Let us show you content that is the most relevant to you.

How to fill in your profile

You can update your member profile by clicking on top right of the website and selecting ‘Edit my profile’.

In the section about you, complete:

  • Your expertise;
  • Your language;
  • Your biography;
  • And your social media accounts.

Don’t forget to fill in the sections about your interests to help us show you the most relevant project ideas, good practices and thematic events.


Some people prefer to search for relevant organisations instead of people.

You can update your organisation profile by clicking on top right of the website and selecting ‘Edit my organisation’.

Why not add a logo, a short description and links to the website and social media accounts.

Now that you’ve updated both your member and your organisation’s profile, you’re ready to benefit from our online partner-search tools.

Sign up to our upcoming thematic networking events and kick-start your application journey.