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Citizen participation in Potenza’s municipalities!

By Project CIBioGo
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This week, the Province of Potenza brought Cibiogo project to the provincial territory by organizing a series of events aimed at discussing on biodiversity, ecosystems, climate, national and local European strategies and the involvement of citizens in decision - making processes on the governance of these sensitive issues.

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All of this, by bringing directly to the municipalities, Miko Somma's photo exhibition entitled "little and unknown floral masterpieces," having as its subject a photographic documentation of the rich spontaneous floristics of the provincial territory.

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Starting from the spontaneous flower essences of the Lucanian territory, indices of local biodiversity and health status of the environment and habitats, it provides a multimedia and interdisciplinary pathway that intends to stimulate and involve, through an interactive format, citizens and in particular the students of the primary and secondary school in environmental issues.

The initiative aims to promote knowledge and awareness of citizens, as well as young people and children, understood here not only as students, but as citizens and future protagonists of the necessary shift in production and consumption postulated by the climate emergency and the containment strategies adopted by our country.

The initiative is carried out by the Province of Potenza, through its MCR2030 Resilience HUB and the Network of Resilient Municipalities and Communities, as part of Cibiogo of the Interreg Europe program on citizen participation in biodiversity governance and the European Climate Pact.

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