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Newcomers soon to join approved projects

By Joint secretariat
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The restricted call for approved Interreg Europe projects to integrate partners from the seven EU candidate countries closed on 7 June 2024. The monitoring committee members approved the first batch in early June and the second is expecting their decision in the coming weeks.

See some key figures about this call.


The number of weeks the restricted call lasted.


The number of projects applying to extend their partnership with newcomers.


The number of partners from the EU candidate countries eager to start cooperating in the approved projects.


The total amount of funding requested by the new partners.

Institutions from all seven newcoming countries to Interreg Europe took part in this call and expressed interest in being involved in the project activities. This chart shows the numbers of institutions ready to join the projects per country.

Bar chart with numbers of organisations per new country in the restricted call

Once our Partner States confirm the eligibility of all new project partners, you will be able to find them on our website:

Projects from the first and the second calls will provide the newcomers to Interreg Europe with a great opportunity to discover how interregional cooperation projects work and improve regional policies.