Regional authorities are well-placed to deploy demand-side measures such as the Green Public Procurement (GPP) to contribute to the expansion of the market of sustainable goods and services. This is especially relevant having in mind that public procurement accounts for approximately 14% of European consumption.

For this reason, the Policy Learning Platform is hosting a webinar on the topic of innovative approaches to green public procurement on 25 June 2020 from 14:00 to 15:30 PM CEST. 

The new EU Circular Economy Action Plan, released in March 2020, recognises GPP as an instrument for boosting the sustainability aspect of products but acknowledges that GPP has a 'limited impact due to the limitations of voluntary approaches.' Therefore, the European Commission will propose minimum mandatory GPP criteria and targets in sectoral legislation and phase in compulsory reporting to monitor the uptake of GPP.

In addition, the Action Plan states that the Commission will continue to support capacity building with guidance, training and dissemination of good practices and encouraging public buyers to take part in a 'Public Buyers for Climate and Environment' initiative, which will facilitate exchanges among buyers committed to GPP implementation. 

The webinar is of high relevance for local and regional policy makers, having the objective to provide concrete examples of good practices that can be of inspiration to the Interreg Europe community. 

Topics and speakers

Already want to get started? Take a look at the policy brief on Role of Green Public Procurement in improving resource efficiency.

You might also be interested in attending the webinar on public procurement of innovation on 16 June from 10:30 to 12:00 CEST, organised by our research and innovation Thematic Experts. Register now.

Image credit: Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels