Project good practices

Effects of design changes on Islandijos street (& lessons...

Summary: Islandijos street design changes started a few years ago to make a cycling lane detour. After, two more changes were implemented to make it more livable place.

Location: Lietuva,

"Fix the city" (Tvarkau miestą) - city problem registry platform...

Summary: Vilnius has created a platform and mobile applications for reporting infrastructure problems thus empowering citizens to participate in making the city better.

Location: Lietuva,

Making Saviciaus street livable by opening it to pedestrians and...

Summary: During construction works, local restaurants placed indoor furniture (sofas, chairs, tables) in the middle of excavated street & opened pop-up cafés for people.

Location: Lietuva,

Travel surveys for business commuters

Summary: Getting comprehensive image about how people are commuting and offer suggestions for the employer to help solve certain mobility problems for business travels.

Location: Lietuva,

Guidelines for pedestrian and cycling infrastructure

Summary: Guidelines for pedestrian and cycling infrastructure in Vilnius were created to achieve better quality by helping planners, designers and implementers.

Location: Lietuva,

The network of cycle lanes along the streets of Cagliari

Summary: For the first time, the space dedicated to cars has been reduced by assigning a small part of the city streets to the cycle path.

Location: Sardegna,

Cycle and pedestrian transformation of the road along the large...

Summary: Cycle and pedestrian transformation of the road along the large Poetto Beach in Cagliari- Sardinia

Location: Sardegna,

Coherent infrastructure features

Summary: The planning and construction of the local cycling network in Olbia was embedded in the regional Cycling Network at the level of Sardinia.

Location: Sardegna,

Development of strategic instruments for planning the cycling...

Summary: The region of Burgenland developed a master plan for cycling, focusing on increasing the share of everyday cyclists

Location: Burgenland AT,

Cycling training in schools

Summary: Training provided for children in school related to the most important information about riding a bicycle on public roads.

Location: Burgenland AT, Austria (Österreich)

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