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Protection and management of natural heritage in European regions

By Platform

The Policy Learning Platform organised a workshop on protection and management of natural heritage in European regionson on 22-23 November 2018 in Bucharest, Romania.

The aim of the event was to pave the way for synergies between the Interreg Europe projects working on the topic of natural heritage. It brought together Interreg Europe project partners to discuss the latest developments in the topic and how Interreg Europe projects can contribute to regional efforts towards better protection and management of natural heritage assets. Consequently, the participating project representatives were invited to discuss and share their good practices and interesting approaches, learn more about the European framework and start a networking and exchange process among projects.

Access the workshop follow-up brief to discover the highlights, key-learnings and recommendations of the workshop.


The workshop was introduced by Dan Balanescu from the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration of Romania, and Marie Guitton fom the Joint Secretariat of Interreg Europe Programme.

Welcome from the Policy Learning Platform

  • Thorsten Kohlisch (Thematic Manager of the Policy Learning Platform) introduced the   and how it can help on taking the shortcut to smart regional solutions.

What are the latest trends and developments at European level?

Person writing on whiteboard during event

Presentations of selected good practices from Interreg Europe projects and facilitated discussion

Access the follow-up brief to discover the key-learnings of the workshop.

Natural heritage
Sustainable management