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Public authorities in 184 Interreg Europe projects work on 415 policy instruments all over Europe. They exchange smart and sustainable solutions developed and tested in the regions of their project partners. The aim is to transfer these solutions into their own policies and strategies.

Over 1,500 partners take part in the 184 projects. Two thirds of them have the ambition to influence their Structural Funds programmes, especially those under the Investment for Growth and Jobs goal financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Others address their local, regional or national development policies in a broader sense.

Focus on growth and jobs

The projects currently work on 161 policy instruments from the Growth and Jobs programmes - 75% of all ERDF funded approved by the European Commission. More effective use of the Structural Funds managed by these programmes leading to improvements in the regions is the key objective of Interreg Europe.

The projects also work on 19 European territorial cooperation programmes and 235 other local, regional or national policy instruments.

Key topics on target

Strategic topics for smart and sustainable Europe selected by Interreg Europe are well represented among the 161 Growth and Jobs programmes addressed by the projects. Some Growth and Jobs programmes tackle several policy topics of high relevance to the region or country. The topics can range from innovation and internationalisation to mobility and resource efficiency. Other programmes are more focused, such as the Operational Programme ‘Environment’ in Bulgaria.

Project synergies

There are often several projects working on the different topics or ‘chapters’ of the ERDF Growth and Jobs programmes. On average, ten projects work on improving each of the Growth and Jobs programmes in a country.

Growth and Jobs programmes in countries

In some countries, projects target all the existing Growth and Jobs programmes funded by ERDF. In others, the share is smaller. On average, the projects work on 78% of the existing programmes in each country.

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Lear more about specific policy instruments and project partners who work on them by visiting the project websites.

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