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Interreg Europe Seminar

22 Dec 2016
Clock 10 : 00 - 10 : 00 CET
Location In person | Mérida, Spain
By Project Social Green
Interreg Europe Seminar: Low Carbon Economy policies and Social Green Local Stakeholders Meeting.
On 22th of December 2016, the Minister of Economy and Infrastructures Mr Jose Luis Navarro opened the Seminar about Policies for promotion of Low Carbon Economy in Extremadura. 
The seminar was attended by 150 people from the energy sector, specially SMEs and sectorial associations, which learned the new ERDF aids that the Regional Government is designing for the promotion of the sector.
The seminar counted on 2 blocks, one first block opened to the public for the description of the coming 2016-2017 aids, followed by several SME samples of energy investments, and a second block with a workshop with key representatives of the region.
During the workshop, more than 30 key stakeholders of the energy sector (administration, energy companies and financial institutions) discussed about the way of improving the coming aids based on the previous experiences. A stable working group has been established for a continuous analysis of the ERDF aids in LCE.

In the Workshop the stakeholder was discussed about the main Strengths of these sectors and, also, their main weakness.
This seminar has been funded with ERDF funds, through the Interreg Europe Programme, with the projects ENERSELVES, FINERPOL, SOCIAL GREEN and CISMOB.
The Interreg Europe Programme seeks to improve the efficiency in the implementation of Structural Funds all over Europe. The objective is to use the SF in a more effective manner, creating more economic impact and employment, as defined in the Programmes for Investment for Growth and Jobs.