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International Training Workshop in Florence, Italy

Labour market and employment
14 - 15 Nov 2023
Clock 09 : 30 - 15 : 45 CET
Location In person | Florence, Italy
By Project atWork4NEETs

As part of the atWork4NEETs' project, Anci Toscana is organising a 2-day event in Florence, Italy, on Nov. 14th and 15th 2023 at MAD Murate Art District to engage local and international stakeholders in a debate on the most suitable policy instruments and schemes to support young people who are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) to access meaningful opportunities.

The first day will kick off with the IN CRESCENDO community meeting - aimed at municipal and regional administrators and clerks, labour services, the third sector, cooperatives and volunteers - to take stock of the state of the art in youth / labour policies and share innovative programmes, projects and tools that can support young people, particularly those who are in a NEET condition, to acquire skills that can be used to enter the job market.

The morning session will bring together and benchmark contributions from various regional schemes, including the Region of Tuscany's PAR GOL (Workers Employability Guarantee Programme), and from three international projects, namely SMARTLY (Erasmus +), INTERCEPT (EEA and Norway Grants) - which both focused on how to bring NEETs closer to green and digital jobs - and of course atWork4NEETs (Interreg Europe). 

A designer will capture the key ideas that will emerge from the debate: they will take the form of live sketches, diagrams and maps on the venue's screen.

IN CRESCENDO marks an important step in the involvement of all the main players in the NEET sector in Tuscany: the Region of Tuscany, ARTI, IRPETGiovanisì, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze and the National branch of ANCI are just few among the stakeholders who will actively participate in the debate, by presenting and sharing their valuable experiences in the field. 

The first day's afternoon session will again focus on atWork4NEETs and especially on the 2nd semester's tasks, that is to say the data collection related to NEETs. Through a participatory workshop, partners and stakeholders of the atWork4NEETs project will address questions like "how can we effectively gather data on the NEET phenomenon, so that it is described in an exhaustive and complete manner? Which parameters should be met for a good practice to be defined as such?"
A visual map of all key contributions will be produced live and shared with the participants.

The second day will then feature two training session for stakeholders: the former, called "An overview of the labour market statistics: data sources, main indicators and uses" will be derived by the International Training Centre of the ILO while the latter, called "Unveiling challenges and seizing opportunities in the collection and analysis of the NEET-related statistics leading to evidence-informed policymaking", will be delivered by ICON Research.
The second day's seminars are designed to create a positive impact specifically by ensuring capacity building and policy learning with our partners and stakeholders which is one of the objectives of the atWork4NEETs project.

Come back to check atWork4NEETs' website for further updates: we'll be soon sharing the visual maps produced during the 2-day event, all presentations and a report on the discussion. The first stakeholders' meeting of atWork4NEETs in Florence, Italy, will pave the way for the selection of the very best practices to gather data on the NEET phenomenon which will be presented in a public webinar in January 2024.

Stay tuned!