About the project

Improvement of urban public policies by developing European regional action plans on nature in cities, linked to ecological connectivity and socio-economic solidarity with peri-urban natural areas.
The project will :
- Organize city-based resilience facing climate change : enabling urban matrix to become permeable to species through a strengthened ecological network between cities and peri-urban protected areas (PUPAs). This ecological network could also benefit PUPAs so that mutual connectivity is strengthened.
- Improve ecological connectivity between cities and PUPAs relying on ecosystem services; This will also improve socio-economic solidarity between cities’ centers and peri-urban natural areas.
- Capitalize on methodologies developed through several PAs management plan and ecological connectivity strategies in Europe as well as spatial planning. Capitalize and valorize scientific research about nature in cities.

Types of partners you are looking for

• Authorities in charge of managing relevant axis of intervention within the ERDF Regional Operational Program;
• Cities (as partners or at least within the stakeholder groups in the selected territories);
• Environmental agencies;
• Other relevant institutions in charge of promoting.

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