About the project

To preserve, restore, safeguard, valorise, showcase & redeploy the very rich cultural & industrial heritage assets (tangible and intangible) of traditional, disused and historic railways, for developing innovative, creative & sustainable cultural tourism products & services, for growth & jobs, mainly in post-industrial regions, in association with cultural and creative industries, railway preservation societies and and tourist destination authorities and DMOs.

Raiways offer a great industrial heritage, also involving intangible heritage in terms of operating and maintenance procedures for steam locomotives and traditions regarding infrastructure provision and exploitation. The preservation and use of heritage railways for sustainable and cultural tourism offers excellent opportunities for lesser known destinations in Europe to develop and promote tourism products and services.

Types of partners you are looking for

Regional authorities / local authorities with rich railway heritage, railway museums, traditional railway lines and rolling stock in need of rescue, preservation and restoration; interested in the development of sustainable tourism products and services based on creative industries and NGOs participation (including voluntary sector), through interregional cooperation. From all EU28 member states.

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