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UIA – Objectives
Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) is an Initiative of the European Union that provides urban areas throughout
Europe with resources to test new and unproven solutions to address urban challenges.
Key elements are:
An Eligible Applicant is an urban authority of more than 50.000 inhabitants, or a grouping of urban
authorities with a total population of a least 50.000 inhabitants, located in one of the EU Member
However, given the complexity of the urban challenges, urban authorities can’t act alone. In order
to design and implement effective and innovative solutions, they need to involve all the key
stakeholders that can bring expertise and knowledge on the specific policy issue to be addressed.
These include agencies, organizations, private sector, research institutions, NGOs.
UIA co-finances 80% of project’s activities and can provide with up to EUR 5 million to projects thatare:Innovative (project that has never been implemented anywhere else in Europe

Types of partners you are looking for

Urban authority of more than 50.000 inhabitants

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