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Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership

By Platform
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The Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership is a  Horizon Europe co-funded partnership. It constitutes a network of 60 Partner institutions from 25 countries and the European Commission that:

  • enables to pool research and innovation investments
  • aligns national programmes at a pan-European scale, taking into consideration the different European sea basins: the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean


Its vision

is to design, steer and support a just and inclusive transition to a regenerative, resilient, and sustainable blue economy.

It aims to boost the transformation needed towards a climate-neutral, sustainable, productive, and competitive blue economy by 2030 while creating and supporting the conditions for a healthy ocean for the people by 2050.

Achieving this vision through cooperation will enable addressing key EU policy objectives of green transition, digital transformation and recovery. Ultimately it will contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Partnership has planned investments of around € 450 Million over a 7-year period.

The first call

Six co-funded calls for research and innovation project proposals will be organised over a seven-year timeframe. The first Joint transnational call entitled « The way forward: a thriving sustainable blue economy for a brighter future » has been launched in mid-February.

It aims to support transnational research and innovation projects (36 months) addressing one of the five priority areas:

  1. Planning and managing sea uses at the regional level
  2. Development of offshore marine multi-use infrastructures to support the blue economy
  3. Climate-neutral, environmentally sustainable, and resource-efficient blue food and feed
  4. The green transition of Blue Food production
  5. Digital Twins of the Ocean (DTOs) test use cases at EU sea basins and the Atlantic Ocean


  • Pre-proposal submission deadline: 14/04/2023, 15:00 CET (Brussels Time)
  • Full proposal submission deadline: 13/09/2023, 15:00 CET (Brussels Time)

Get more information

Join a webinar on 2 March from 14:00-16.30 to learn about the priority areas of the call and selection process!

Interested applicants can also use the SBEP Partner Search Tool to find collaboration partners.

Further information, including call documents, is available on the Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership website and Twitter.

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