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Make the most of your community membership

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Our website is a tool for you and we want you to make the best out if it. We have two tips for you today on how to improve your chances to find cooperation partners or get information about the latest cooperation and policy-learning activities.

This March, we celebrated one year of our new website’s existence. We are constantly working on improving its functionalities to make your experience as useful and pleasant as possible. The latest adaptations are linked to your profile and email updates.

Update your profile and be found by cooperation partners

If you are looking for cooperation partners, you might want to make your profile stand out from the Interreg Europe community crowd. Already over 8,000 people joined our community.

Apart from adding a profile picture, you can put your areas of expertise in the spotlight now. It might increase your chances to be contacted by potential project partners in their partner search. By adding expertise to your profile, you will help potential partners to better understand what you can bring to a potential project partnership or other cooperation initiatives.

Follow four simple steps and update your profile with the areas of expertise today!

  1. Log in to your Interreg Europe account
  2. Click to edit your profile
  3. Go to section 5: Your expertise
  4. Search by typing keywords in the search bar to add your expertise or use the suggested terms.
Profile editing menu

Profile expertise selection

Register for email updates

Do you want to receive updates about individual programme activities and services? Such as:

  • Invitations to upcoming events
  • Calls for networking
  • Other cooperation opportunities

If so, we will notify you by email whenever a relevant activity or service comes up. Just update your profile’s email preferences following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Interreg Europe account
  2. Click to edit your profile
  3. Go to section 7: Stay up to date
  4. Activate the toggle
Profile editing menu

Profile event update toggle

More website improvements will come soon. So, keep an eye on the latest updates to get the most out of your membership in the Interreg Europe’s interregional cooperation community.