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Matchmaking: designing an integrated digital strategy

Digital connectivity
29 May 2024
Clock 10 : 00 - 12 : 00 CEST
Location Online
By Platform
whiteboard in an office space

The Boiarka Urban Territorial Community, comprising the administrative centre and 10 nearby villages, is a medium-sized town with around 50,000 inhabitants situated near Kyiv in Ukraine. Recognising the low level of digital skills and readiness among the local population, the Boiarka City Council aims to design an integrated digital strategy. This strategy seeks to promote digital literacy among students, establish a physical space for the adoption of new digital technologies, and provide targeted support to war veterans by enhancing their digital and entrepreneurial skills.

The vision of the Boiarka City Council is to establish a collaborative physical space that actively engages the local community in digital activities through participatory processes. This collaborative space would offer various amenities, including co-working spaces, Fab Labs, high-speed internet access, meeting rooms, and training and support services aimed at fostering entrepreneurship. Additionally, the space would host events and workshops designed to engage both users and the wider local community.

The matchmaking will be moderated by Arnault Morisson and Laura Varisco, Thematic Experts at Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform. Peers will include: 

  • Mariana Nagy, Tehimpuls Association, Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer, Romania
  • Jasna Presečki, Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia, Slovenia
  • Helena Matuša, CEO Entrepreneurship Centre of Krapina Zagorje County, Croatia