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Industry 5.0: From theory to practice

Research and innovation capacities
22 Sep 2022
Clock 15 : 00 - 16 : 30 CEST
Location Online
By Platform
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Join the Policy Learning Platform on 22 September 2022 from 15:00 to 16:30 CET for a webinar on the topic of 5.0 Industry: From theory to practice. 

Industry 5.0 is a concept introduced by the European Commission in order to address the need for a new industrial paradigm, beyond Industry 4.0, which has become more and more necessary over the years in relation to increasingly complex and pressing economic and societal challenges, such as: 

  • Climate change and the collapse of biodiversity

  • Resource scarcity

  • Global shocks such as the COVID-19 pandemic and more recently the war in Ukraine 

Industry 5.0 tries to provide such an answer and “provides a vision of the industry that aims beyond efficiency and productivity as the sole goals and reinforces the role and the contribution of industry to society”. (European Commission). It complements the existing Industry 4.0 approach by specifically putting research and innovation at the service of the transition to a sustainable, human-centric, and resilient European industry. 

During this webinar, the concept will be explained and illustrated with examples of innovative policies and practices fitting to the concept of Industry 5.0. Several practices have been selected based on their relevance to the 'twin transition'. 

What you can expect

The webinar has been designed and will be moderated by Luc Schmerber and René Tönnisson, Thematic Experts in SME competitiveness. 

  • Keynote speech by Sean O'Reagain, Head of the Industry 5.0 Unit from the European Commission on the Industry 5.0 paradigm and EU's industrial policy.

Presentations on the twin transition - digital and green 

  • Presentation by Kristiina Jokelainen from Regional Council of Lapland on Fostering the adoption of the Green Transition and Digitalisation
  • Presentation by Sergio Martínez Pérez from the Economic Development Department of the Government of Catalonia, Spain on Territorial Shared Agendas to accelerate Green and Digital Transitions. 

Presentation on impact investment 

  • Presentation by Oliver Kuschel from ANTHROPIA GmbH, Germany on the Impact Factory. (To be confirmed)