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How to cut oil use in Europe’s regions

Climate change
24 Jan 2023
Clock 14 : 00 - 16 : 30 CET
Location Online
By Platform
Line of colourful bikes against a green wall

This workshop has ended. You can watch the recording, access the presentations and discover the key learnings in this follow-up article



On 24 January, from 14:00 to 16:30 CET, the Policy Learning Platform is hosting an online workshop on how to cut oil use in Europe’s regions. 

The main challenge

Decarbonising our transport system is crucial to avoid the worst impacts of climate change

This means completely cutting out our use of fossil fuels and transitioning to low-carbon and renewable energy resources – and doing so rapidly.

The challenge is more pressing than ever in the face of Europe’s current energy crisis, resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has thrown global energy markets into chaos.

Regions and cities need to take urgent action, including actions to reduce the carbon intensity of transport.

Why you should join

During this workshop, we will discuss the current challenges cities and regions are facing and potential solutions.

It will be the opportunity for you to:

  • Share with us what you are doing to tackle the energy crisis
  • Highlight practices you believe could have a fast, and quick, impact on reducing oil use
What you can expect

The Ten-Point Plan to Cut Oil Use

Local and regional measures with the potential to reduce oil use in transport

  • Jaanus Tamm, Tartu City Government (OptiTrans) - Tartu bike and cargo bike sharing
  • Brian Masson, Multi Modal Transport Solutions Ltd - Introduction of sustainable public transport services within a MaaS platform
  • Elena Farca, Iasi Municipality (CLEAN) - New public transport vehicles and energy-independent depot 
  • José Augusto Baptista Vieira, Municipality of Funchal (MATCH-UP) - Shared spaces in the city centre for walking and cycling 
  • Åsa Forss, Region Kronoberg (REVOLVE) - Mobility management in private companies 

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