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What is the JUSTGREEN Scorecard and how can we use it?


To support the knowledge and good practice exchange process the JUSTGREEN methodology uses different (but interrelated) tools. One of them is the JUSTGREEN Scorecard, a self-assessment monitoring tool. It’s a guide built around the key success factors for each of the 3 project themes. Furthermore this iterative tool provides a visual understanding of progress.

We design the JUSTGREEN Scorecard in co-designed with the partners. Our expert Eddy Adams is leading this process. In May 2024 we are organising bilateral meetings with all partners. Input for the bilateral meetings was the partner input in the application form and the input on their High5 Low5 posters (presented and discussed at the Rotterdam meeting in April).

In the online meeting with all partners on 30 May, we will discuss the draft Scorecard and agree on the final version. Furthermore tips and tricks will be shared how to work with the Scorecard in the upcoming first stakeholder group meetings in the partner cities. All partners will bring the Scorecard completed by their stakeholder group to the second international partner meeting in Athens in October 2024.

Potential benefits?

The JUSTGREEN Scorecard is a self-assessment monitoring tool. The production of the Scorecard helps focus on our 3 themes and creates a shared set of values for the partnership. It’s also a tool to drive local co-production (scored on 10 point Likert scale). The Scorecard provides a baseline for each partner, to review progress and movement over time. It is important to stress: this self assessment = non competitive!

The Scorecard will also be used to frame peer to peer exchanges in the international meetings with all partners.