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Watch our webinar on storytelling

By Joint secretariat

On 19 November 2019, we held a webinar on storytelling. The online seminar presented how to tell a story

You can watch the full recorded webinar and

. See below links to specific sections of the webinar.

Indicative timing of the content discussed during the webinar:

-    00:07:00 Five W’s of storytelling
-    00:34:43 How to tell a story?
-    00:42:15 Words, numbers and images
-    00:52:23 Examples of videos
-    00:55:34 Your project video
-    00:59:06 Key storytelling tips

Questions and answers

-    00:26:26 Q: How to you start building a story?
-    00:28:27 Q: What advice could you give us on music and visual’s copyrights?
-    00:30:14 Q: What about focusing on the description of the project from the beginning?
-    01:01:42 Q: What is the animation programme used for the animated video?
-    01:02:53 Q: What is the standard length you advice for a video?
-    01:05:22 Q: What about language? Should it be only English?
-    01:08:26 Q: Do you think writing a target audience profile helps?
-    01:10:37 Q: Is there any additional support for the production of the video?
-    01:11:58 Q: Would you it be better to send the video to joint secretariat for verification before publishing it?

Additional material:

Storytelling video guidance

Cooperation has more stories to tell…. Check our webdocumentary to see what happens when people work together all across Europe.