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Summer interns see hope for the future in our green projects

By Joint secretariat
Staff member interviews youth volunteer about her experience at Interreg Europe.

As part of the 2022 European Year of Youth, our two summer interns reflect on the importance of our green projects and the impact they will have on the younger generation.

Volunteering at Interreg Europe

In June, we welcomed two young women for a Discovery Internship. Rosalie, from France, and Ausra from Lithuania, spent one and two weeks with us learning about the programme, our projects, and how, together, we contribute to all European priorities.

They felt quite at home among a team where 18% of staff are under 25 - so fall in the youth category!

Building professional experience

It was their first time in an office, so we showed them all the different jobs our team members do to help regions with their development challenges.

Rosalie and Ausra learned about a variety of subjects from project assessment and monitoring to website design and development. They tried their hand at social media, conducted research into our project’s online habits, and, as Rosalie put it: ‘I went to a lot of meetings!’. But don’t worry, she said it was the thing she liked the most.

Youth volunteer works at desk

I’ve always been Nature Girl. Nature is very important to me and the fact that it’s being destroyed is something very serious.


On the impact of the programme

Both Rosalie and Ausra showed particular interest in our green projects tackling issues such as renewable energy, climate change and zero-carbon urban mobility.

‘The temperature and the sea levels are rising, says Rosalie, and it’s us, the young, who are going to suffer from it if we don’t do anything.’

But they were full of hope. They could see how the programme’s interregional cooperation approach would help their regions make things better. ‘It’s definitely important to make people learn from each other, says Ausra. It’s hard to cooperate without an organisation that brings people together. So I think Interreg Europe is very important and meaningful.’

Planning for the future

‘Next year, I plan to study science, says Ausra. It can bring together my two interests: nature and combatting climate change.’

As for us, sharing our experience is part of our DNA. We will continue to host young people and encourage them to become active citizens and actors of positive change.

Discover how Interreg Europe works with young people:

What is the European Year of Youth?

The Commission has announced that 2022 is the European Year of Youth. This year, they intend, in cooperation with the European Parliament, Member States, regional and local authorities, stakeholders and young people themselves:

  • To honour and support the young generation,
  • To encourage all young people to become active citizens,
  • To promote opportunities provided by EU policies for young people,
  • And to draw inspiration from the actions, vision and insights of young people.

Read about the Commission’s programme of activities and youth strategy.

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