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Programme manual

2021-2027 Interreg Europe programme manual and its annexes. Version 3, December 2023. Click Ctrl + F5 if you still see version 2.

Task assignment letter template

Template to report staff costs of the people working on Interreg Europe projects.

Interreg Europe style guide

The official style guide for the Interreg Europe 2021-2027 programming period.

Fraud reporting template

For controllers to report potential or confirmed cases of fraud (appendix four of the programme manual).

Good practice validation

Good practice validation guidance note for projects. Version dated 26/10/2023.

Project website user manual

A user manual to help web admins edit their project websites.

Interreg Europe subsidy contract

Template of the 2021-2027 subsidy contract for information only. Version 2.

Project partnership agreement template

Template of the 2021-2027 project partnership agreement. Version 2.

Risk based management verifications methodology

The programme risk-based methodology version 1 from October 2022.

Project branding guidelines

A set of guidelines to follow to be in line with the Interreg Europe programme's requirements on visibility and communication for projects.

Good practice template

Working template of the Interreg Europe good practice submission form. Version from 2024.

Annex II of financing agreement

Public Procurement rules for partners from EU candidate countries

Guidance on writing for the web

Guidance document for Project website admins on how to write articles for websites.