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Natural and cultural heritage in coastal regions

Policy brief
By Platform

Seas and oceans cover over 70% of our planet, hold 97% of water and sustain 80% of all life forms. As the world’s largest carbon sinks, they produce at least 50% of oxygen and are an important food source.

Coastal and marine regions are, however, under numerous environmental and anthropogenic pressures, which have significant impacts on local natural and cultural heritage. To transform the current management of these areas, the EU has published a Sustainable Blue Economy strategy, which presents an opportunity for policymakers, scientists, businesses and citizens to create resilient seas and coastal regions.

The present policy brief provides an outlook on EU initiatives that local and regional authorities can refer to for improving their management of cultural and natural heritage on coasts, in compliance with the EU Directives.

It also presents a selection of Interreg Europe good practices and EU-funded projects of particular interest and a high degree of replicability and adaptability to other municipal contexts.

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