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Digital solutions in the field of cultural heritage

Policy brief
By Platform

The objective of this policy brief is to describe the different opportunities created through digital technologies for the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage. The document provides a brief overview of the EU policy documents addressing digitisation of cultural heritage and presents inspiring good practices stemming from the Interreg Europe projects. Digital solutions are also applied in the field of natural heritage, but the focus of this policy brief is on cultural heritage.

Digitisation turns Europe’s cultural resources into an important pillar of the digital economy. Moreover, it gives Europe’s rich cultural heritage a clear profile on the Internet, promotes regions, protects cultural diversity and contributes to better quality of life. Digital technologies provide huge opportunities for improving public access to different forms of cultural assets and its reuse. It boosts the development of creative learning and educational tools as well as tourism applications, documentaries, etc. In addition, digital tools such as 3D scanning play a major role in the preservation and restoration of physical cultural assets.

Cultural heritage