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Cultural and Creative Industries

Policy brief
By Platform
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Cultural and creative sectors are important for ensuring the continued development of societies and are at the heart of modern economies. They are one of the 14 industrial ecosystems highlighted in the EU Industrial Strategy

Throughout this policy brief, you will find the main European policies supporting CCIs and policy recommendations from the Interreg Europe projects. In addition, different aspects of CCIs from an innovation or competitiveness perspective are presented.

The lessons learned are clustered in the following three categories:

  1. Policies promoting the strategic development of CCI sectors
  2. Policies aiming to facilitate access to funding
  3. Policies fostering innovation-friendly infrastructure and environments

Finally, you can explore the outlook on policy challenges ahead for CCIs, highlighting their potential key role in the digital, green and social transformation of the European economy.

Download the policy brief

Download the policy brief below to learn about cultural and creative industries.

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