Graphic identity guidelines

Interreg Europe brand

The core Interreg Europe brand is made of three components:

  1. The logo block
    Reference to European Union and European Regional Development Fund should always accompany the logo block, except for small size use.
  2. The slogan
    Programme slogan 'Sharing solutions for better regional policies' should be used when possible. There is no predefined positioning of it.
  3. The origami
    Origami (the four colour element) may be used on its own as an endorsement of the brand. But it is never a replacement of the full logo. Its position is flexible.


Versions of the logo

Origami placement next to the logo if this element is not used separately.


Reflex blue and B/W versions of the logo for single colour use. It should only be used when the 4-colour process is not available.

Under 47-mm length, use small size block in 1 colour without the slogan. The EU emblem shall be placed too.

The logo should never be reproduced in under 20-mm size.

Greyscale origami and logo bloc


B/W origami and logo block

Negative monochrome origami and logo bloc


 Use with partners

Along with other organisations related to ERDF, in order not to duplicate the initial components (EU emblem, reference to ERDF), a simplified version is available. Do not use out of this case.

Interreg Europe - four topics

Interreg Europe focuses on four topics, each having its own icon and colour:

  • Research and innovation
  • Competitiveness of SMEs
  • Low-carbon economy
  • Environment and resource efficiency


Programme title

Only the first letters of the programmme title 'Interreg Europe' are capitalised when it is written in the text.

Corporate typefaces

  • Monserrat - for programme and project logos.
  • Open Sans - for different applications (print, web and mobile interfaces).
  • Arial - MS Office processing typeface for publications and publicity material, documents.

For most uses, typeface colour must be black on white background. 

Colour palette

The Interreg Europe colour palette consists of seven unique colours. A series of grey is available for uses such as web page footer, text block background and B/W uses of the origami.  


REFLEX BLUE: C100 M80 Y00 B00; R00 G51 B153; #003399
LIGHT BLUE: C41 M30 Y00 B00; R159 G174 B229; #9FAEE5
YELLOW: C00 M00 Y100 B00; R255 G204 B00; #FFCC00
Research and innovation: C00 M24 Y93 B00; R253 G198 B8; #fdc608
SME competitiveness: C71 M00 Y19 B00; R28 G184 B207; #1cb8cf
Low-carbon economy: C81 M13 Y76 B01; R21 G153 B97; #159961
Environment and resource efficiency: C49 M00 Y99 B00; R152 G194 B34; #98c222


ORANGE:  C00 M68 Y99 B00; R236 G103 B7; #ec6707
DARK ORANGE:  C27 M85 Y100 B26; R152 G54 B21;#932f0a
DARK BLUE:  C100 M84 Y29 B17; R32 G54 B104; #213669
DARK GREY:  C68 M59 Y56 B64; R54 G54 B54; #363636
LIGHT GREY:  C6 M4 Y5 B00; R243 G243 B243; #f3f3f3
MEDIUM GREY:   C13 M7 Y8 B00; R228 G232 B233; #e48e9
LIGHT BLUE:   C8 M3 Y4 B00; R239 G243 B245; #eff3f5


BACKGROUND BLUE:  R239 G243 B245; #eff3f5
CALL TO ACTION GREY:  R228 G232 B233; #e4e8e9
GREY (20%): R205 G205 B205; #cdcdcd
GREY (35%): R166 G166 B166; #a6a6a6
GREY (50%): R128 G128 B128; #808080
GREY (65%): R89 G89 B89; #595959

Pantone reflex blue corresponds to the web-palette colour RGB: 0/51/153 (#003399)

Pantone yellow corresponds to the web-palette colour RGB: 255/204/0 (#FFCC00)