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You can find more information about the programme implementation in our annual reports in the library. The citizens' summary of the 2020 report is now available for you here.

Our projects

Discover the thematic richness of our approved projects.



Projects by topic

Policy instruments we address

Each organisation involved in an Interreg Europe project aims at improving a policy instrument in their region. In total, the projects target 527 policy instruments, many of which deal with several topics.

Check our infographic illustrating the work of our projects on the policy instruments.

You can also download a table with over 700 policy changes already achieved by our projects by early October 2021. Or find out more about individual policy instruments on the website of each project.


Research and innovation


SME competitiveness


Low-carbon economy


Environment and resource efficiency

Partners and applicants on the map

Hover your mouse over each country to find out how many partners or applicants come from it. Visit 'in my country' pages to find more information specific to your region.

Calls for project proposals

Funding for Interreg Europe projects is allocated through calls for project proposals. So far we have held four calls for project proposals: the first in 2015the second in 2016the third in 2017 and the fourth one in 2018. In 2020, we held the fifth call for proposals of additional activities by Interreg Europe approved projects. The charts below illustrate the number of applications we received in the four calls.



Applications by topic

Our project partners

Each project involves partners from at least three different countries, two of which must be EU member states. Our goal is to involve institutions from as many eligible European regions in our partner states as possible. We follow the NUTS2 level classification of regions to measure this.





of NUTS2 regions

Public institutions and private non-profits

Types of partner organisations

Budget for 2014-2020: EUR 359 million

Interreg Europe is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Close to 90% of the budget is for funding the interregional cooperation projects. All funds for the projects have been allocated in the four calls for project proposals.

Our total budget

Allocated project budget by topic

€322.4 M

Project Budget

€0 M

Remaining project budget