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Study trip to Oppland

04 - 05 Jun 2019
Clock 09 : 00 - 18 : 00 CEST
Location In person Norway
By Project Digitourism
The study trip to Oppland will take us through several sites, where we will both see examples of VR/AR projects already implemented, as well as showing you ideas on the drawing board where we see great potential.
The first day will be spent in Hamar, where Hamar Game Collective and the VR/AR company Making View will tell us how they work, and give you examples of VR/AR projects already done. They will also show the possibilities that lie in the VR/AR-realm.
In the afternoon, we will move to the neighbouring Olympic town of Lillehammer, which is the headquarters of Oppland County Council. Here, we will give you a preview of some exciting potential we see, using VR/AR in the field of glacial archeology.

The second day will be spent at Hunderfossen, a family park just outside of Lillehammer. We will have a guided tour of the park, and the Energy Center in the park, to show how VR/AR can be applied also within the energy sector and towards sustainabilty. Participants will also experience the Peer Gynt game, which is an AR project to get a deeper understanding of the famous Henrik Ibsen play Peer Gynt. The Peer Gynt play can be seen every August in real life, in an outdoor theatre in which the natural sceneray at Gålå plays a big part. They have had record audiences in the past few years, and they are continuously looking for ways to attract more audiences, and find ways to cater to non-Norwegian speakers.

For the final day, we will move once again, to the region of Hadeland in Oppland. Hadeland Glassverk is a famous glass factory, which also includes exhibitions and various art productions. They are currently opening an interactive exhibition on Van Gogh, using technology to reach more people.
The study trip will close with the steering group meeting.
We welcome you all to Oppland next week!