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Sixth CRE:HUB event

27 - 28 Mar 2018
Clock 00 : 00 - 00 : 00 CEST
Location In person | Alba julia , Romania
By Project CRE:HUB
On March 27th and 28th the Coordination and Steering Group Meeting and the sixth Study Visit with Bar Camp of the CRE: HUB project took place between Alba Iulia and Sibiu. The Study Visit allowed the partners and the invited stakeholders to know and appreciate the Alba Iulia-Sibiu cultural and creative system as a development pole for the Centru Region.
One of its strengths is represented by the optimal use of the European Funds for the revitalization of urban centres and individual historic buildings that, as in the case of MUSEIKON, become an exhibition and museum space and, in the case of the Vauban Fortress, become areas of settlement of creative communities (Carolina Creative Quarter). Another point of strong interest is the role of IT as a leverage factor for the regional cultural and creative system, also in this case in the framework of a calibrated system of interventions and initiatives. In this perspective the current and potential synergies with the performing arts, whose flagship is the National Theater "Radu Stanca" and SIBFEST - the largest international theatre festival in Europe, are promising as well as the current and potential synergies with crafting and the preservation of cultural heritage, well represented by Astra National Museum Complex, gathering four ethnology and civilization museums, laboratories for conservation and research, a documentation centre. Important nodes of a cultural and creative territorial system are Creative Hubs and Co-working spaces where creative communities can better structure ideas in a perspective of a gradual approach to the market, as was pointed out during the Bar Camp held at HUB7, the first co-working space created in Alba Iulia, to then enter the pre-incubation phase.