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SIG meeting in Latvia: Covid-19 and recreation areas

10 Feb 2022
Clock 00 : 00 - 00 : 00 CET
Location In person | Valmiera, Latvia
By Project SWARE
Pandemic situation in each of the SWARE partner countries has changed the daily habits of the population, highlighting existing natural heritage management challenges and creating new ones. As a result of travel restrictions, the population uses the services of the local ecosystem more intensively for recreation, thus the influx of visitors to certain nature tourism objects of the region have significantly increased.
In the additional call of the SWARE project, Vidzeme Planning Region is committed to analyzing the situation in Vidzeme region, how the restrictions of the Covid-19 virus pandemic and the increased flow of nature tourists have affected nature and recreation areas, as well to identifying the good practices in regard to the mitigation of this impact. 
Region's stakeholder group involvement is crucial to reach these objectives, therefore the 1st SIG meeting is planned in Latvia on Februray 10, 2022.

Agenda of the meeting:
1. Planned activities of the project SWARE during the additional call until September 30, 2022. Topic: Impact of the Covid-19 crisis on nature tourism and recreation areas.
Lienīte Priedāja-Klepere, SWARE project manager in Vidzeme Planning Region

2. Identification of good practices in Vidzeme region (Latvia) in regard to ensuring the sustainability of natural and cultural heritage in the context of COVID-19. Stakeholder group survey results, discussion.
Ilze Grīnfelde, SWARE project expert, research assistant at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences