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Launch of the project

10 Oct 2023
Clock 10 : 00 - 14 : 30 CEST
Location In person | Seville, Spain
By Project OD4GROWTH
Communication event - Launch of the project  OD4GROWTH Project October 10th, 2023 Seville, Spain

The meeting took place in person in the Assembly Hall of the Provincial Training Center Cortijo de Cuarto, hosted by the Provincial Council of Seville. This meeting was convened to mark the start of the project, and its importance was underlined by the presence of political and technical representatives of the main stakeholders. These individuals were carefully chosen to enhance public-private technological cooperation and, in particular, to explore the transformative potential of open innovation in the field of advanced data-driven technologies.

The meeting started according to the agenda, beginning with a welcome by the Provincial Council of Sevilla. This introductory segment was more than a mere formality; it underscored the paramount role of collaboration and innovation in the dynamic field of open data. Particular emphasis was placed on the critical role that collective work would play in advancing open data initiatives.

The event was formally opened by the Secretary General of FAMP and provided an enlightening context about the event and its profound relevance. The narrative that was developed informed subsequent discussions, aligning them with broader goals and objectives.

The core of the meeting revolved around the presentation of the OD4GROWTH project by the implementation team. Attendees were introduced to the project, its objectives and expected outcomes. In particular, the presentation included the unveiling of initial results derived from a state-of-the-art analysis conducted in Andalusia, which provided valuable insights. In addition, a vision for the future, upcoming activities and initiatives planned for the coming months was shared.

After a break, the concept of Open Data was explored in depth, elucidating its essence and its potential to improve the quality of life of citizens. In this phase, the main barriers to the adoption of Open Data in the Andalusian context were identified and meticulously examined. These barriers encompass issues such as data fragmentation, lack of awareness, resource constraints, legal and regulatory complexities, challenges related to accessibility and digital literacy, and the pervasive influence of organizational culture.

The meeting was marked by an exchange of knowledge and best practices. Examples of successful strategies and approaches from the international arena were shared, enriching the collective understanding of how open data can be effectively leveraged. In addition, a local example was presented that shed light on current Open Data policies and strategies at the regional level, with a particular focus on the Andalusia Open Data Portal. This provided a practical illustration of Open Data implementation and innovation in action.

In summary, the meeting, held in the Assembly Hall of the Provincial Training Center Cortijo de Cuarto and organized by the Provincial Council of Seville, was a turning point in the trajectory of the project, designed to foster collaboration, innovation and the exchange of ideas and best practices. Particular emphasis was placed on harnessing the transformative potential of Open Data to drive progress in research, innovation and advanced data-driven technologies. This project launch event marks a crucial and strategic milestone in the initial phase of the project, paving the way for further high-impact actions and collaborations.