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HERICOAST dissemination Inishowen Elected Members

06 Dec 2016
Clock 00 : 00 - 00 : 00 CET
Location In person Ireland
A presentation was given that outlined the project details, in particular the management of the significant heritage assets of the coastal landscapes. 19 stakeholders attended the meeting.The following individual elements of the landscape and more importantly their interrelationships were presented:
• The sea
• Synergy between the land and sea
• The coastal edge
• Coastal Diversity
• The islands
• Interdependencies between land and sea
• Coastal leisure use
• Built heritage
• Maritime architecture
• Military heritage
• Visiting experience
• Opportunities for positive coastal development
• Iconic landmarks
The value of Iconic and intrinsic landmarks were highlighted as a delicate and vulnerable heritage asset that would require policy intervention in order to capitalize on their potential economic value within a policy framework that will prevent degradation to the existing heritage and appropriately manage its character. The iconic landmarks in the Inishowen Municipal District include the most northerly part of the island of Ireland along the Atlantic coast, the location of part of the most recent ‘Star Wars’ movie, maritime and 
The focus of the meeting was very much on the opportunities that coastal heritage presents and other current EU fubnded projects were reference including ‘Malin Waters’, ‘Sail West’ and ‘Trailblazers’ that should all be considered to some degree as part of the HERICOAST project.
Stakeholders welcomed the positive impact of the project on the future management of Donegals significant heritage offer, and the resultant development pressures. Conflicting concern was expressed over the potential to be restrictive on development along the coastal edge including farming and fishing against the importance to ensure there is no overdevelopment along the coast, both reflecting the need to achieve a managed balance. The potential of the project in informing applications for future funding for projects on coastal heritage flowing from the HERICOAST project was welcomed