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Four municipalities and the two county councils in Agder have formed an advisory group that will monitor and support the regional implementation of HERICOAST.
Type: Project
e-smartec partners will make all public documents produced or used in the framework of the project, available on the 'Library' page. It will include both communication materials and technical documents (results, findings, deliverables, achievements, and others) . For any questions, contact us at: [email protected] Collection of Good Practices... 23/03/2020 Report: State-of-the art on marketing techniques for citizens engagement Type: Project Evaluation of Good Practices... 12/10/2020 This task analyses the GPs collected in T1.1. Type: Project Handbook (T1.1) 12/10/2020 This document serves as the Handbook for success tips on marketin techniques. Type: Project e-smartec Communication... 20/02/2020 Looking for our leaflets, roll-up, and our poster? This is the right place! Type: Project e-smartec Advanced... 20/02/2020 How e-smartec plans to communicate effectively? Find out here! Type: Project See all Library Items Collection of Good Practices (GPs) (T1.1) Copy Link International Good Practices This document showcases 32 GPs from across the world. PDF (2.04MB) Download Regional Good Practices (GPs) Report Find the full report here PDF (1.49MB) Download E-library Summary of regional GPs and their key characteristics (e-library as mentioned in the AF). PDF (1.14MB) Download Regional Good Practices (GPs) Annexes Report Annexes PDF (5.01MB) Download Evaluation of Good Practices (GPs) (T1.2) Copy Link Internal Transferability Report (T1.2) This document outlines the internal transferability for marketing techniques adoption in SUMPs across the six Project regions. PDF (1.65MB) Download Handbook (T1.1) Copy Link Handbook (T1.1) This handbook aims to become a helpful guide for urban authorities for achieving successful citizen engagement during every stage of the SUMP development. PDF (5.76MB) Download e-smartec Communication Material Copy Link e-smartec Leaflet (EN) e-smartec in a nutshell! PDF (924.70KB) Download e-smartec Poster e-smartec at a glance! PDF (749.95KB) Download e-smartec Roll-up banner (EN) e-smartec key information in 85 x 205 cm ! PDF (4.79MB) Download e-smartec Leaflet (Venlo Region) Find more about our Region in the Netherlands PDF (1.10MB) Download e-smartec Leaflet (Central Macedonia Region) Made for our Greek audience. Kaliméra! PDF (685.37KB) Download e-smartec Leaflet (State of Hessen) Made for our German friends. Hallo! PDF (1.36MB) Download e-smartec Leaflet (Lazio Region) Ciao! e-smartec is also in Italian. PDF (1.14MB) Download e-smartec Leaflet (Coventry) A brochure dedicated to the West Midlands Region! PDF (676.50KB) Download e-smartec Leaflet (Bratislava Region) Looking for the Slovak version? Click here PDF (1.09MB) Download e-smartec Advanced Communication Plan (T2.1) Copy Link e-smartec Advanced Communication Plan What, by when, to whom and how e-smartec plans to communicate effectively its outcomes both internally and externally? Read here: PDF (1.01MB) Download Sign up for the e-smartec newsletter Subscribe now Tweets by e-smartec