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CARTIF backs a holistic approach to urban platforms


Digital Social Platforms can engage and empower citizens to reduce their carbon footprint

Type: Project

3000 people in the Interreg Europe community


The Interreg Europe community has more than 3000 registered users from all over Europe that want to...

Type: Programme

Audience Development in Live arts


A cultural good or service has a social value. Therefore, it does not reach its full meaning if it...

Type: Project

OECD-Summer Academy


This year OECD organized the Summer Academy on Cultural and Creative Industries and Local...

Type: Project



Our partner from UK presenten Mentor-net as an example of a good practices from the Hampshire...

Type: Project

Students support Coalescce work of LCF


COALESCCE members, the Lake Constance Foundation, participated at a special event at Germany’s...

Type: Project

‘The Cottage’ Tearooms, Tipperary, Ireland


Developing a social/community enterprise in a rural village

Type: Project

Governing Community Resilience (GOCORE)

Submitted by: Khoji Wesselius, 20/11/2019

Regional and municipal authorities decide upon policies empowering communities in rural areas and medium sized cities. Recent research (Skerrat et al; SRUC 2018) demonstrates that these policies can fail to address specific target groups. Also 'lived...

BALENTES - Villages as Agents of Change & Sustainable...

Submitted by: Sergio Diana, 07/10/2019

Bringing together small villages and communities engaged in a common project aimed at ensuring the well being, the prosperity and happiness of their inhabitants, BALENTES aims to improve the quality of life in small villages of Europe by promoting...

Social and health infrastructure for building up community...

Submitted by: Simona Agger, 01/03/2016

Public policies against climat change effects, will not be able to stop negative consequences both for environment and human health. Health infrastructures can help to increase community resilience