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Unlocking the green shift in Vestland county

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Since 2018, the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform has been offering the peer review service. With the counter at 57 peer reviews and a practice-proven methodology, we consider our peer review tool as the most targeted service for regional authorities that are facing policy challenges. 


What is a peer review?

A peer review is a targeted working meeting over 2 days in which the host, who has requested the meeting, meets with selected European peers to exchange knowledge and hands-on experience on the host’s policy challenge. 

Each peer review is tailored to the specific policy challenge of the host. The purpose of the peer review is to respond to the challenge by bringing in the experience and knowledge of like-minded policy experts from across Europe.

In short, a peer review is a fast track to tailored policy advice and practical recommendations on how to design and implement regional policies better.

Peer review experience from Norway

In September 2020, the Policy Learning Platform organised a peer review in Vestland County, Norway. Earlier that year, two counties, Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane, had merged into Vestland Country. The two counties therefore had to bring together planning traditions, sector strengths and institutional contexts for an integrated innovation strategy that offers development opportunities for all parts of the region. 

Thus, the peer review created an opportunity to adopt new policy concepts such as Smart Specialisation and mission-orientation to boost Vestland’s development towards the green shift.

The peer review therefore focused on creating a common: 

  • Smart Specialisation Strategy
  • Entrepreneurial discovery process

Key moments

Explore the key moments that played a role in the Vestland’s policy learning journey:

Key moments in the Vestland peer review

Building on two days of intense and rich exchanges with the host and a dynamic group of key stakeholders from the Norwegian context, the participating peers from Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, and Sweden gave relevant and actionable suggestions on the main policy challenges. You can discover the outcomes of the peer review in the follow-up report.

Hear it from the hosts themselves

Take a look at the experiences shared by the host concerning the peer review. 

Peer review publication

Find more information on the methodology and experiences of previous beneficiaries in our publication: 

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