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Peer review: a fast track to policy solutions

By Platform
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In today's working environment, policy practitioners face increasingly complex challenges: new and agile policy interventions, high citizen expectations, and limited time and resources to come up with the best ideas. 

We know that all this can feel like getting lost.

Interreg Europe is here to help. A peer review is an easy, time-efficient and accessible solution. With our team of experts and hand-picked peer colleagues from across Europe, we spend two full days addressing your concrete policy challenges and questions.

In our recent publication 'Peer review: a fast track to policy solutions', you will find everything that you need to know about the peer review service:

  • The methodology: how it works and how to apply
  • Peer learning in action: stories from peer reviews that took place in Norway, Poland, Spain and Bulgaria
  • Behind the scenes: interviews and opinions from beneficiaries and the team 

Check the publication

Explore the publication below by flipping through it. 

Or download the publication and share it with your colleagues! 

You can apply any time

The peer review service was designed to respond and adapt to your policy needs and agenda.

Applications are welcomed at any time. 

The two-day meeting can take place face-to-face or online, depending on your preferences. For some of our peer reviews, we can accompany you beyond the core meeting with follow-up encounters or study visits.  

Video story: Vestland peer review

3 reasons why people recommend it

  1. Get knowledge and fresh insights on the ground for both you and your regional/local stakeholders.
  2. Benefit of an 'external look' and opinion on the policy context you are facing: such opinions might be seen as more valuable in the eyes of local policy makers, and may trigger changes more easily.
  3. Peer reviews allow you to bring new dynamics to regional policy processes and create lasting connections with dedicated colleagues across the EU.



The peer review was perfect with regard to the timing and the many interesting approaches that were shared.

Daniel Hilligsmann, Head of Cabinet of Belgium's German speaking community


We needed advice for our smart specialisation strategy, and we wanted to discuss it with people who had already done the same - so the peer review was perfect!

Katrin Jakobsen


Without the peer review, it would have been very hard for us to embed a circular economy approach in our new programme in such a comprehensive way, covering environmental, economic and social dimensions. 


This fruitful peer review [held in 2021] has succeeded in introducing to the Region of Central Macedonia state-of-the-art tools and experiences to increase competitiveness, sustainability and implement the circular economy for the textile and clothing sector.
We warmly recommend it to all of those that are looking for new ideas for their regional policies!

Konstantinos Gioutikas


The peer review triggered a big change in attitudes toward the phasing out of coal in the region.

Sofia Savova


Get in contact

The peer review is a key service of the Policy Learning Platform. It allows you to experience interregional cooperation in an easy and agile manner. You will get the unique opportunity to have a dedicated team of EU experts explore solutions to your policy challenges during a two-day meeting.

We make the Interreg Europe community and collective intelligence work in your favor. 

Get in contact with our Platform experts for assistance or to receive feedback on the topics you might consider for the peer review. 

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Apply for a peer review

Submit your peer review application today and find solutions to your policy challenge with our experts and peers!

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