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New features of our good practice database

By Platform
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Your good practice dashboard has undergone a makeover! It now offers additional features to help you understand where your good practice is in the validation process. It equally offers you information on the good practices you can report for your project indicator.

The process

A quick reminder on the process that your good practices go through: 

  1. You submit a good practice related to your project. Your project web admin is notified and can request additional information, and approve or decline your good practice. If the project web admin approves your good practice, it is published on your project website.
  2. Once approved, the good practice will move to a dedicated Policy Officer that will evaluate it for the project indicator. The Policy officer can also request additional information, and approve or declined your good practice.
  3. Once approved, the good practice moves to the Thematic Experts of the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform. They will evaluate it based on relevance to other regions and replicability. The Thematic Expert can ask you for additional information, approve or decline. Once approved, your good practice is published in the good practice's database

Overview of your good practices 

To help you manage the good practices, we have introduced different sections: 

You will find good practices that need your attention in the dedicated ‘to do section’.

Good practices that are under evaluation but might come back to you asking for more information can be found in the ‘in progress section’.

Good practices that are finalised appear in the 'closed section'.


Counting your good practices  

To help you count good practices that you can report for your project indicator, we have introduced counters on the top of your dashboard. 

Good practices are counted based on the practices approved by your Policy Officer and can thus be counted for your project indicator. 

You can also find the number of good practices that are under evaluation with the web admin, Policy Officer, and Thematic Experts in the 'in-progress section'. These good practices might come back to you, asking for additional information.

Up next

In the upcoming weeks, we will be adding more features:

  • History feedback: A quick way to access the feedback you have received and the steps your good practices have already gone through. Note, that you also receive this information through email notifications. 
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