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New EC recommendation for national SUMP support

By Platform
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The European Commission has released a recommendation for Member States on setting up National Support Programmes for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning, with the aim of supporting towns and cities in improving urban mobility.

The recommendation, reflecting the 2021 Urban Mobility Framework, updates the concept of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) to integrate recent policy developments:

  • Strategies to reduce road fatalities in cities
  • Address climate change
  • Make use of new mobility services

The update also reflects the evaluation of 2013’s Urban Mobility Package, which noted that small and medium cities lack the capacity for SUMP development and that greater support is needed for cities to integrate different policies, strategies and plans.

As such, the Commission recommends creating national programmes that can support urban mobility planning, overseen by a dedicated office. These programmes should develop national guidance for urban mobility planning, provide technical assistance and expert support, implement a training programme to boost capacity building, and provide financial support to cities for recruiting administrative capacity and temporary expert support.

They should also animate national networks to foster peer learning, organise and co-ordinate communication campaigns, raise awareness of advice and funding available at European level, and screen national legislation for obstacles to SUMP development.

The support offices are recommended to be hosted by ministries or suitable agencies, should be set up in cooperation with national, regional and local authorities, and be advised by an expert group of representatives from relevant ministries, regions, cities, rural areas, academia, and other relevant stakeholders. Member states are invited to take action and report to the Commission in a year, March 2024.

Click here to read the Commission Recommendation of 8 March 2023 on National Support Programmes for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning.

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