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Commission launches the Fit for 55% Package

By Platform

The European Commission has launched the first tranche of its 'Fit for 55%' measures that will support Europe’s climate policy framework and put the EU on track for a 55% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030, and net-zero emissions by 2050. The interconnected proposals cover areas of climate, land use, energy, transport and taxation to bring them into line with the targets agreed in the European Climate Law.

The package is comprised of thirteen proposals; eight of them are revisions to existing laws and five are new proposals.


New initiatives

  • An EU Forest Strategy to improve quality, quantity and resilience of EU forests, ensure sustainable use of biomass, and plant three billion trees by 2030;
  • The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism to place a carbon price on imports and prevent EU companies being undercut by energy-intensive competitors;
  • A Social Climate Fund to help citizens finance investment in energy efficiency, clean mobility and renewable energy;
  • The ReFuelEU Aviation Initiative to oblige fuel suppliers to blend more sustainable aviation fuels in jet fuel, including e-fuels;
  • The FuelEU Maritime Initiative to stimulate uptake of sustainable maritime fuels and zero-emission technologies.

Further proposals and amendments are expected at the end of 2021, including a revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, and new Climate, Energy and Environmental State Aid Guidelines.

More information and all documentation on the Fit for 55% package can be found at the Commission's webpage on 'Delivering the European Green Deal'.

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